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Employees are your treasure, keep them

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No business can run without recruiting employees in that. One person cannot do all of the work of a business so he has to appoint few people who will work for him. They will give you their time and efforts to make your business grow and flourish and in return you will give their pay. But you have to facilitate them with other things along with the pay if you want them to be loyal with your company. You should provide the following benefits to keep them:

Bonus: You have to access their performance and then give them bonuses according to their performance. One way of giving them bonus is to provide them flexi office in Dubai which will help them in doing their work more systematically. Other bonuses will include the money bonus which you give them other than their regular pay. 

Increment: Increment is a kind of right for every employee and you have to increase the pay of your employees regardless of their performance. This increase should be every year or every alternate year according to the business centre in Dubai. If you want to keep your employees you should provide you increments accordingly otherwise they will move to another office that will provide them this facility.

On-job training: This is a kind of bonus for your employees that if they attend the on job training provided by you then they will get special bonus. Along with that they will learn many new things during the training and if you do not provide additional bonus then the benefit of training will be enough for them to be in the company and serve their best. You have to make sure that the training should be according to the nature of the job and this training should be different for employees of different departments.

Healthy environment: You have to provide a healthy environment to your employees to keep them happy and attracted towards the work. The environment should be polite and safe where anyone can work easily. Employees should not have personal regrets at the time of the work and of some of them having issues then you should try to resolve the issue in order to maintain a good environment. You should not be bossy all the time with employees.