5 Benefits Of Molasses That We Don’t Know

Molasses, also known as the black treacle, is the byproduct result from refining sugarcane and sugar beets to sugar. Most of the time, this viscous substance is eliminated and disposed since it has little use once the refining process is done.

But unknown to many, molasses can provide a number of medicinal and health benefits to people due to its high nutritional value. These benefits include:

  1. High-levels of antioxidant agents


The blackstrap molasses which came from sugarcanes, has the highest antioxidant level compared to the refined sugar. Antioxidant agent can help protect the body from oxidative damage which can lead to more serious diseases like cancer and degenerative disease. This is a better alternative to refined sugar and other sweeteners. You can put this on your coffee and other beverages. It can also be added as a sweetener to your dishes.


  1. Helps prevent iron deficiency

Iron is an essential nutrient needed by our body to function much better. Without iron, you red blood cells will have a hard time delivering oxygen in other parts of the body. The best molasses brand is composed of high levels of iron which can help defeat iron deficiency in the body. With good amount of iron in the system, oxygen and other nutrients can be delivered throughout your system in the nick of time. Molasses is also rich in minerals like magnesium which can prevent menstrual cramps.

  1. Good for the bones


Blackstrap molasses is also rich in calcium which is good for your skeletal system. And when the body has enough calcium in its system, you can expect less tooth decay and broken bones. For women in menopausal stage, there will be less risk of contracting osteoporosis. You can also expect a cleaner colon as calcium is known to help eliminate toxins in your colon and in your system.


  1. Manage diabetes


Diabetes sufferers try to avoid sweeteners as much as possible. But using molasses as sweeteners and alternative to refined sugar can help manage the condition. Blackstrap molasses can help stabilize blood sugar levels by preventing the accumulation of excess fats in the bloodstream.

  1. Help with recovery


Patients who have been in accidents and burn incidents are advised to include molasses on their diet. Molasses is composed of several minerals and nutrients that can help with faster wound healing.

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